Video Licks: New Short by Austin Tolin “Bill Paxton’s Keys” Plumbs The Depths for Practical Treasure

“He made your heart pound with The Terminator then he stopped it with Aliens.” Well, what happens when esteemed director James Cameron teams up with his actor pal Bill Paxton to go on the most important adventure of a lifetime? You may recall that little documentary where the pair journeyed back to the site of the director’s legendary inspiration, the wreck of the Titanic. Well, today you will witness a “true” story deep sea endeavor where these travelers are on the search for a possession of vital importance! Who needs Pandora, when you have Bill Paxton’s Keys! Happy holidays!

Mentions: Short created by Austin Tolin with nods to Karinne Berstis, Craig Elrod, E.J. Enríquez, & Nathan Smith. Follow Austin on Twitter & IG. Also check out Tolin Twins. Feed the beast.