Quick Dish NY: BIG SMOOTH Show 2.16 at The Gutter Bar

Are you ready for a brand new edition of the super funny monthly show, BIG SMOOTH? Then draft off those positive Valentine’s Day vibes this Thursday, and enjoy some heartfelt comedy for absolutely FREE. The Gutter Bar offers up vintage lanes, craft beer, a full kitchen, and, of course BIG SMOOTH laughs. This go-round your hosts Dan Bazaldua, Alexa Loftus, and Danny Groh will be welcoming:

Nicole Conlon

Lauren Leroux

Alise Morales

Dan Fox


to the mix! Come indulge that love of variety entertainment THIS week!

Mentions: Show 8pm ET. FREE. Location: The Gutter Bar | 200 N 14th St., Brooklyn. Follow the show. Feed the algo. This show is produced by Zoe Novello.