Quick Dish NY: DUTY FREE LIVE! Unauthorized Imported Game Shows! TOMORROW 4.28 at The Caveat Theater

When we last left our DUTY FREE players, they were knee-deep in finding the truth and figuring out which contestant truly loves those 4 alliterative sounding sizes of chicken nuggets. For those not in the know, the show took on the international games, “The Unbelievable Truth” and “Don’t Knock It Till You Try It,” leaving the audience with some truly unbelievable facts. We learned about Ben Franklin’s obsession with the alphabet, what that bleach smell in a pool really means, the Etruscans predictive fascinations with bird bones, to be more afraid of a tortoise eyeing your femoral, and to have a double-take of those skeletons on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Walt, NooooOOOOO!!!!

Duty Free Live! at Caveat (Photo Credit: Rachel Kenaston)

At tomorrow’s show at The Caveat Theater, join hosts Kent Morita, Christopher Morucci, and Grant Mulitz for recreations of the Thai and Canadian game shows, “Ching Roi Ching Lan” and “This is the Law.” The Thai comedy variety show has been entertaining audience for over 30 years, offering up a variety of segments including team-based games, sketch comedy and magic tricks. As for the Canadian panel show, it aired on CBC in the early 70s, presenting comedic vignettes in which real obscure, and often archaic, laws were broken. It was up to the comedian panelists to do their best to decipher what illegal action had occurred. Will these DUTY FREE LIVE! Players

Marina di Marzo (America’s Next Top Glow Up Runway Project), Sydney Duncan (Comedy Central, Vulture, ACAB), Michael Sankey (Make The Cut, Spell Checc), David Fried (BoogieManja, Toronto Sketch Fest), Mark Vigeant (Internet Explorers, Aggressively Alive), Ann Chun (Asian AF, Asian Comedy Festival, Asian Divorce), Jerry Burgos (BoogieManja), & Sonia Nam (The Armory)

be able to pull off bringing the international game show formats to unauthorized life? Only one way to find out!

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Mentions: Show 7pm ET. $15 advance, $20 at the door, $10 livestream. Location: Caveat | 21 A Clinton St, New York, NY, 10002 (Discount code: LESS DUTY). FOLLOW the show. Feed the beast. Photo Credits to Rachel Kenaston.