Quick Dish LA: I CHOOSE YOU! Pokémon-Based Comedy Show 5.4 LIVE at The Crow Santa Monica

Fantasy, friendship, and fandom will all be had Thursday, May 4th at The Crow in Santa Monica, where an eclectic comedy culture is fostered. Join I CHOOSE YOU! the, you guessed it, Pokémon based comedy show presented by Kristin Wallace. For those unfamiliar, Pokemon is the mega franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri where Pokémon Trainers catch, train, care for, and battle with adorable fictional creatures (weirdly inspired by Satoshi’s hobby of insect collecting). In this show, you will be entertained by a lineup of total comedy Poké head (not to be confused with poke bowls) including:

Luke Taylor
Brodie Reed
Hayden Johnson
Wyatt Fair
Rocky Pajarito
& Teig Hennessy!

Get out your Poké Balls because this is going to be one fantastical night of comedy! Also, may the Fourth be with you always.

Mentions: Show 8pm PT. $10 presale/livestream tickets. $15 Day-of. 18+. Proof of vax required. Masking encouraged. Free parking. Access from Metro Rail Line E. Location: The Crow | 2525 Michigan Avenue UnitF4 Santa Monica, CA 90404. FOLLOW Naked Comedy for more show news. Feed the beast.