Quick Dish LA: BLACK MITZVAH Episode III The Rise of Annie & Jonathan TONIGHT at Oeno Vino

You can never put a good May 4th unofficial holiday to comedy waste (kinda of like that ’78 Star Wars Christmas special)! Thankfully, BLACK MITZVAH has utilized the evergreen Lucas Star Wars opening crawl for the powers of good. Let this news spread far and wide, Angelenos:

Springtime has fallen over the captial of the Republic… Los Angeles.

Rumors of mysterious laughter and joy coming from the wine cellar of Oeno Vino Wine Bar have begun to spread across the galaxy.

Knowing that this may be their last chance to turn the tide against the reign of the Empire, the Rebel Alliance have charged two smugglers, Annie and Jonathan, to travel to the far edges of the galaxy.

There they must find the best and funniest comics the galaxy has to offer.

But they must avoid the darkside if they are to be successful on this adventure….

Joining your comedy smugglers, Annie Elizabeth + Jonathan Giles, on their mission will include:

Ellory Smith

Andrew Orolfo

Opeyemi Olagbaju

Candice Thompson

Rell Battle

In the words of the mighty Baby Grogu…oh wait, he has a space frog stuck in his throat, never mind. Enjoy!

Mentions: Happy hour 6pm, Show 7pm PT. $15 online tickets HERE ($20 at the door). Location: Oeno Vino Wine Bar Cellar // Atwater Village // 3111 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039. Follow the show. Feed the algo.