Quick Dish LA: CRUEL BABES Show TOMORROW 5.5. at Lyric Hyperion

If the descriptive words, absurdly honest, stupidly beautiful, offensively offensive, no b.s., and live comedy tickle your fancies, then the CRUEL BABES show is the place to be this Cinco de Mayo. Your Cruel Babes players turning up the heat to uncomfortably warm temps will include:

Max Baumgarten
John Bradford
Brian Byrne
Sophia Cleary
Amrita Dhaliwal
Ian Farley
Camirin Farmer
Meera Kumbhani
Arceli Lemos
Eli Leonard
Karin Nord
Karim Shuquem
Zach Steel
Ian Bratschie
& Joe Mitchell

Live directed by John Gilkey

Don’t miss out on the sublime moments of life changing impact!

Mentions: Show 9:30pm. Tickets HERE. Location: Lyric Hyperion Theater & Café | 2106 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027. FREE street parking on Lyric Ave and Griffith Park blvd. No additional safety regulations required by audience. Stay home if you feel unwell &, as always, Feed the beast.