Quick Dish NY: Hong Kong & British Game Shows Brought To Localized Unauthorized Life In DUTY FREE LIVE! 5.26 at Caveat Theater

Duty Free Live! Unauthorized Imported Game Shows! is a comedy show bringing international game show formats to (unauthorized) life by New York’s best comedians. THIS Friday May 26th, enjoy the last show before summer break featuring two smash-hit international game shows, “Would I Lie To You” and “Super Trio” (from the UK and Hong Kong respectively). Kent Morita, Grant Mulitz, and Christopher Morucci will be your hosts for the evening bringing you localized productions of these international favorites:

Would I Lie To You?” or, WILTY? WILTY is a British panel game show, in which two teams of comedians try to guess whether the other team is lying or not about a story shared by one of their team members. The performers read a prompt off a card (e.g. “I use a microwave as my bedside table”), and whether it’s a true fact about their life or a complete fabrication (which they are reading for the first time), they must convince the other team otherwise to win a point. The opposing team tries to determine if the prompt is truth or lie for a point. The original British show brings to the forefront the wit and charm of the comedians as they struggle to keep their stories straight, and special care has been taken to preserve the soul of the show while it is performed in an American context. 

“Super Trio”? Super Trio is the mega hit Hong Kong variety comedy show that has been filling Hong Kong homes with laughter for decades. Debuting in 1995, the show brings light hearted laughter filled with games and segments that involve word play, agility, and a penchant for eating sushi that may or may not be filled with inordinate levels of wasabi. Spicy!

With the aid of players Asher Perlman (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The New Yorker), Gabriel Generally (54 Below, Comedy Cellar), Jess Elgene (Less Of A Man, The Asylum), Phil Jamesson (Ace Watkins, The Hamlet Factory), Julia Schroeder (Changing Room), Rachel Kenaston (Flower Power Comedy, BoogieManja), Ralf Jean-Pierre (North Coast, No Suggestion), & Sean Chang (Used Goods, Team Naomi, Tryouts!) LAST DUTY FREE LIVE! will be a show to remember!

Mentions: Show 7:00pm ET. $15 advance, $20 at the door, $10 livestream. Discount Code: LESSDUTY. Location: Caveat | 21 A Clinton St, New York, NY, 10002. Follow the show. Feed the algo.