Quick Dish NY: Be a Hero with THE SAGA of THE SHINING EMBLEM: Chapter VI TOMORROW 7.19 at Brick Aux

Are you prepared for an improvised comedy show like no other? GOOD, because THE SAGA of THE SHINING EMBLEM: Chapter VI is the show where one lucky audience member is selected to be the hero of their very own story. Each performance, one lucky soul, plucked from the audience abyss, is guided through a totally improvised adventure with one actor serving as narrator along with every ohter character encountered on their journey. The quest is to seek the Shining Emblem, an object of unimaginable power, granting whoever finds it one wish! How they find it (or if they even bother to quest at all) is up to them! Did we mention it’s all set to a live score and themes are involved? Lets the thrills commence! The Saga is currently running monthly at the Brick Aux, a sustainable hub of experimental performance. Will a brave hero wield ultimate power to banish the darkness with unyielding light power TOMORROW? Only one way to find out!

Mentions: Show 8pm ET. Tickets HERE. Location: Brick Aux | 628 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211. Follow the show. Feed the algo.