Quick Dish NY: HA! Or NAH! A Joke Lab TONIGHT at Capish?! Club

TONIGHT in Little Italy, join the HA! Or NAH! Joke Lab where a community of comedians will bring you the best of their new inventions. Audience members have said that the show “felt like a communal experience” and that “I had a good time and everyone I came with had a good time.” You can’t knock that! This evening, your host Lauren LoGiudice will welcome these comedy adventurers:

Orli Matlow (Adult Swim)
Nick Mestad (The Tonight Show)
Joshua Machiz (Amazon Prime)
Sureni Weerasekera (NY Comedy Festival)
Jill Weiner (NY Comedy Festival)


New Comedians:
Carmen Marissa
Mike Galkin

It all happens at Capish?! Club: Misfit Comedy Space @ Lunella Restaurant this very eve. Don’t miss out!

Mentions: Doors 7:30pm (pre-show gathering), Show 8pm ET. Tickets HERE. Location: Capish?! Club: Misfit Comedy Space @ Lunella Restaurant | 173 Mulberry Street, Little Italy. Follow the show. Feed the algo.