Quick Dish NY: SAVAGE COMEDY Wednesday TONIGHT at Logan’s Run

Get SAVAGE with your pre-holiday festivities this very evening at Logan’s Run! Park Slope will be buzzing with laughter as your hosts Lizzie Martinez (The Onion) and Melissa Rocha (Vulture) welcome another dazzling lineup of entertainers brimming with unruly confidence. Your performers will include:

Jonathan Van Halem (Tooning Out the News)
Irene Morales (Amazon Prime)
Allison O’Conor (Decadence Podcast)
Nick Pupo (HBO, Halt & Catch Fire)
Vik Pandya (NBC’s Breakout Fest)
and Amamah Sardar (Secret Family)!

And… if you get there EARLY, you may just get some FREE BEER from the show sponsor, High Life! Winning! Be there for all the merriment you can muster.

Mentions: Show 8pm ET (7pm for FREE BEER). $FREE. RSVP HERE. Location: Logan’s Run | 375a 5th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215. Give the show a FOLLOW. Feed the beast.