Quick Dish LA: OGDICKS Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party TONIGHT at The Best Comedy Club Near Me Theater

OGDICKS (Outrageous. Gosh. Darn. Impressive. Chaotic. Komedy. Show) is a new comedy/game show that you can see at THE BEST COMEDY CLUB NEAR ME THEATER on Melrose this very amazingly wet evening! Come out for some outrageous komedy and FREE kazoo; stay for the nostalgic feet smell, tickets, tokens, games, problematic Chuck E. Cheese from the 80’s, and audience p-p-p-prizes!!! Yes there will be prizes PLUS your peeps will be ballin’ out Chuck E. Cheese style, in the name of feminism. Did you forget about Women’s History Month? The nerve. The show will feature:

Sammy Mowrey
Danika Lyle

Jen Liv
Kruger Dunn
Darrell Goss
Viva Rose
Amanda Friedman
Jonathan Galeano
Jesse Munoz

Maddie Ogden as Problematic 80’s Chuck E. Cheese

Let the chaotic fun begin!

Mentions: Show 7pm PT. $10 tickets HERE. Location: The Best Comedy Club Near Me Theater | 7456 Melrose Ave. , West Hollywood. Feed the algo.