Quick Dish LA: ESTER STEINBERG Comedy Special Live Taping TONIGHT at The Crow

Self proclaimed “Cool Mom” ESTER STEINBERG will tape her NEW comedy special at The Crow TONIGHT in Santa Monica. As a young mom of two boys, Steinberg has a lot of jokes on topics such as her helmet baby, her secret mommy make-over, and being paranoid about how the internet will destroy her children. It will!

Along with the trials and tribulations of motherhood, Ester unpacks her daddy issues from having been raised in Tampa, Florida by a father who ran for public office five times, and lost every single election. Not only did he lose the elections, the opposing candidates went as far as creating a smear campaign to discredit him, one of which involved a scandalous restaurant he opened called The Bagel Budoir. Hence the title of Ester’s new special: Schmear Campaign. Who doesn’t want to hear that story?! There will be two shows. See one or see both, it’s your prerogative. Enjoy!

Mentions: Show 7pm (Doors 6:45pm) & 9pm (Doors 8:45pm) PT. Tickets HERE. Location: The Crow | 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica. Give Ester a FOLLOW. Feed the algo. Photos by Brian Friedman.