Quick Dish NY: SOUNDS GREAT Comedy 3.28 at Our Wicked Lady

Spring into action for some great comedy this Thursday, March 28th as SOUNDS GREAT puts on another great show. Join Nora and Paige as they run through all the moments that have prompted them to say “sounds great” both genuinely and sarcastically. Sounds Great provides a truly unique lineup of comics, featuring a mix of both rising and established performers, with a priority on queer and diverse points of view. As a bonus; audience members double as the show’s unofficial social media photographers, armed with disposable cameras passed out by the hosts. Hope you aren’t camera shy! The March show will feature some of NYC’s most compelling up-and-coming comedic voices including

Ethan Simmons-Patterson (Comedy Cellar)
Nataly Aukar (Netflix)
Benny Feldman (Comedy Central)
Rayne McGowan (TikTok)
Brad Frizzell

Hosted by Nora Jefferies and Paige Smith-Hogan!

Come join in the fun at Our Wicked Lady!

Mentions: Show 8pm ET. Tickets HERE. Location: Our Wicked Lady | 153 Morgan Ave. Give the show a FOLLOW. Feed the season.