Quick Dish NY: GOLDEN SPIRAL 5.30 at The Whiskey Cellar

THE GOLDEN SPIRAL is back this Thursday, May 30th at the Whiskey Cellar NYC! Named one of the best NYC comedy shows run by women, hosts Mindy Raf and Katie Compa bring the top comics working today in New York and beyond as they welcome you into the Golden Spiral on the last Thursday of the month.

Is Golden Spiral a comedy show for people who usually don’t like standup clubs? Is it a hang where you’ll leave wanting to be friends with the rest of the audience? Do the set lengths follow the Fibonacci sequence? Reserve your spot in the spiral to find out for yourself!

This May The Golden Spiral players include:

DeAnne Smith (Netflix)
Gabe Pacheco (Funhouse Comedy)
JoAnna Ross (Schtick A Pole In It)
Quin Lamar (Showtime)

Down the spiral you go!

Mentions: Doors 6:30 / Show 7pm ET. To keep the show accessible while paying our performers, advanced tickets are on a sliding, pay-what-you-can, Fibonacci scale: $8, $13, $21 $34. Tickets HERE. Location: Whiskey Cellar NYC | 77 E 7th Street. Give the show a FOLLOW. Feed the algo.