Quick Dish LA: SURVIVOR Island of Idiots TONIGHT at The Elysian Theater

Oh sweet, ridiculous Bhanu, how we miss your utterly naive island antics! If you are waxing nostalgic for season 46, you are in luck! A new season of SURVIVOR: ISLAND OF IDIOTS is in play on stage at The Elysian Theater this every evening!

WELCOME BACK! Stranded on an island far off the coast of Fiji, 13 barely-vetted Castaways will be divided into tribes to form new, chaotic societies as they adapt to their unfamiliar surroundings. Subjected to mental and physical challenges, the Castaways will be forced to choose between personal risk and reward, like game-changing advantages or a hot bowl of slop that could seal their fate. Shifting alliances, shocking betrayals, and strategic Immunity Idol plays will determine which Castaway achieves their ultimate goal: be crowned Sole Survivor of the Island of Idiots.

This show is hosted and executive produced by Jiff Probe (Sam Walt Jones) who will welcome 13 castaways (featuring Ru Anderson, Elizabeth Andrews, Julia Boyd, Jordan Lee Cohen, Dani Colucci, Isabella Gerasole, Eli Gonzalez, Jesse Kendall, Kyle Mizono, Jacquis Neal, Sam Oh, Sahana Srinivasan and Jess Uhler) for 6 weeks of uproarious play where 1 SURVIVOR will be crowned. Enjoy!

Mentions: Doors 9pm, Show 9:30pm PT. Tickets info HERE. Location: THE ELYSIAN |
1944 Riverside Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90039. Give Sam a FOLLOWFeed the algo.