Quick Dish NY: VOCABARET F-Word Hilarity This Friday 6.14 at Caveat

What’s the word you save for just the right moment? You know, the one you either hesitate to say or let fly loose in the wood…F*CK, of course! This Friday, June 14th New York City’s most-decorated wordsmiths come together for an eclectic VOCABARET variety hour (and a half) of raucous wordplay, etymological deep-dives and alphabetic absurdity that investigates the intersection of language and everyday life—inspired by a new theme each month. That theme this month is of course F*ckity F*CK! Yup, it’s a bad f*cking word. But it might also be the most versatile word in English, which makes it the choice f*cking good one for this show. Which dark speech will be uttered? Only one way to find the f*ck out.

Vocabaret is hosted by five heavyweight champions of the word: Sam CorbinTim DonnellyJerzy GwiazdowskiAlly Spier and Nikolai Vanyo. They’ve racked up more than 100 titles at pun competitions around the globe, written zingers and tongue twisters for broadcast, radio and print, and once confused the heck out of America’s Got Talent. Your hosts will welcome special guest Dani Faith Leonard (Adult Sex Ed). Get ready as these champs abso-f*cking-lutely bring you the most fantastic f*cking show that celebrates the f*ck out of a word we’re really not supposed to say. It’s gonna be fun as f*ck! F*ckity bye now.

Mentions: Show 4pm PDT. Ticket HERE. 21+. Event Location: Caveat | 21 A Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002. Give the show a FOLLOW. Feed the algo.