Did you ever wonder how those Hipster Pilgrims came to take roost in Eagle Rock? Well, it’s time for a little history (the made up sort). Enjoy Honora Talbott’s The Story of Gentrifigiving.

This video was created by Honora Talbott and Bill Posley. Writing was provided by Honora Talbott. Bill Posley provided the direction and editing. Hipster Pilgrims stars Marissa Strickland (MAY), Leigh Wulff (FLOWER), Chad Anthony Miller (BRENTON), Carlos Santos (SQUINTO), Wil Gelin (JOSE), Denisse Ojeda (GLORIA), Kristen Henley (TESSA), Honora Talbott (MOM), John Druska, Gene Augusto, and Krystal Arangua.

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