Well, comedian Matt Ingebretson‘s drunken fencing creation not only went insanely viral via Reddit but it also went NATIONAL. Some little news outlets like CBS & HuffPo picked up on the madness, don’t you know. Who knew ordering $250 worth of professional fencing gear in a drunken haze then fighting your friend would prove so popular? The latest episode of “Idiot Fencing” features comedians Jake Weisman and Ryan O’Flanagan vying for the title of Master something. Ingebretson has indicated that this episode may be the last one so savor it like a fine coma-inducing wine. Enjoy!

Mentions: BTW, DO NOT try this at home. Oh, please NEVER EVER try fencing either. You’ll poke your eye out! HOWEVER, please find out all you ever wanted to know about Matt Ingebretson here.