There are some videos that have come to my attention that will knock you right out of your ergnomic chair. They are not only funny, but they poke at you until you squirm. Prepare for your noggin to be massaged in the best way possible. In this first video Sethward and Friends take the feminist movement to a whole other level. Enjoy Start Objectifying Women! (WARNING: This content may not be for the squeamish)

Starring: Natalie Palamides, Sethward, Kevin Peake, Dante Spencer, and Clayton Snyder.

The second video shows what might happen should those friendly captives, The Muppets, wreak revenge on their human oppressors. Enjoy The Human Show!

Your human puppets include Sethward, Benjamin Crutcher, Zachary Garrett, Mason Hankins, Kinsey Diment, Lyndsey Frank, Natalie Palamides, Kevin Krieger, Dan Braswell, Mark Sipka, Bruce Van Patten, Chuck Wigginton, Nathan Caywood, and Michael Sielaff.

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