Quick Dish: This is the Unofficial Plug for SAM SIMMONS 1.17 at RIOT LA

Australian comedian and often radio/TV presenter SAM SIMMONS will be showing off his joke-filled wares at this year’s RIOT LA Alternative Comedy Festival. If you are unfamiliar with his comedy, well we are just plain sorry for you. OK, fine, we’ll tell you a little bit about him. His comedy cannot be fit into a nice little box. He’s crazy. He’s surreal. He’s a risk taker. Oh heck, just go buy tickets for this FULL solo show. It will be one for the ages. Now watch Sam at TEDxSydney ’12 just because (I told you to).

Mentions: Buy tickets for Sam Simmons:Clown For Sale HERE or you are just a ridiculous fool. The Smell is located at 247 S. Main St., LA.