Video Licks: Sometimes That ‘CATCHY’ Tune is Infectious

You turn on the radio or start streaming some random tunes and it hits you, that earworm to destroy all music as you know it. The Backyard‘s ‘Catchy’ Trailer shows us the consequences of bad songs. Enjoy!

The ‘Catchy’ cast includes Willy Appleman, Lauren Ireland, Michael Cruz Kayne, Matt Rubano, Rachele Volpe, Melissa Dotterman, Christina Cola, Grace Leeson, Julie Sharbutt, Tom Capps, Tessa Greenberg, David Ebert, Nate Russell, Shannon O’neill, Julian Williams, Chris Williams, Jewel Elizabeth, Beth Slack, David Sewell, Jared Simon, Mack Williams, Nadia Garbosky, Kevin Etherson, and Rachel Taenzler.

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