Video Licks: Malarkey & Shar Bring You the ‘Weird Copcept Album’

Video Licks: Malarkey & Shar Bring You the ‘Weird Copcept Album’
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Dean Clarke and Murph Bridges are fed up of their Chicago Police jobs. Their true passion is music. Their euphonious hero is Weird Al Yankovic. What if these dreamers sampled the tunes of the parody king to bring the world their powerful story? It’s time to experience the first three tracks of the WEIRD COPCEPT ALBUM. Enjoy!

Track 1: So Hard

Track 2: Sick ft. Chris Redd (Empire, Just For Laughs Chicago)

Track 3: Pair of Mics

Mike Malarkey created the theme song to the popular podcast “With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus.” Daniel Shar is a contributor to the Onion and performed his solo show at SF Sketchfest this year.

All tracks were written and performed by Mike Malarkey and Daniel Shar.
Original Music provided by Mike Malarkey. Direction by Mike Malarkey, Marty Schousboe, and Daniel Shar.

Mentions: Look out for 5 more tracks dropping every Wednesday. Follow Mike & Daniel on Twitter.

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