Low Budget Sketch Show

It’s not easy to find a web series that seamlessly integrates sketches throughout the run while delivering consistent giggles. Low Budget Sketch Show does that with major panache and it’s trademark truths. The show is filmed in New York and was created by Jorja Hudson and produced by Stephen Gardella. In SEASON TWO of the series you will enjoy sketches dealing with everything from a wheel inventor’s idea frustrations to one of the best chicken sandwich ads ever. Check out the first three episodes NOW!

S2:E1 Low Budget Sketch Show: Fog machines woes, inventor Ricky Wheeler, and suicide warning signs.

S2:E2 Low Budget Sketch Show:: An ongoing web series compliance audit, midnight 1997, and a desperate dollar.

S2:E3 Low Budget Sketch Show:: A trusty janitor, FOX’s “Alone”, and a chicken sandwich that’ll treat you right.

Mentions: Low Budget Sketch Show stars Bridey Elliott, Elyse Brandau, Tamsi New, Lily Du, Mo Fry Pas, Mark Vigeant, Billy Bob Thompson, Colin O’Brien and Patrick Foy. Watch Season One of LBSS HERE.