Forget June gloom. What about April misery? Put the weather out of your mind TONIGHT, April 22nd, at one most divine comedy show. Yes, BLESSED is the cure you seek. The trio of female comediennes known as Megan Koester, Clare O’Kane, and Alison Stevenson bring you a night of laughs at The Grand Star in Chinatown. On the comedy plate this evening are standups

Alice Wetterlund
Anna Seregina
Kate Willet
Warp Drive

plus BLESSED host

Megan Koester

& the other two gals of BLESSED

Clare O’Kane
Alison Stevenson

All are welcome. No hipster will be turned away. FREE! Support live comedy.

Mentions: Show 8pm. FREE!!! The Grand Star is located at 943 Sun Mun Way, LA.