Local Business Comedy

Oh, you youths and your digital hookup apps. These days Tinder is the go to app, if you want to find that someone special for the evening. Well, for just a moment, imagine if that convenient service were turned into a game show. The sketch comedy group Local Business Comedy has done just that and they totally nailed it! (You may read a pun into that, if you are a filthy animal. Disgraceful!) Get to swiping and enjoy What if Tinder was a game show?

Local Business Comedy is Joseph Clift, Nick Gligor, and Stephen Perlstein.

Mentions: This sketch was written by Joey Clift and features David Brown as the host, Molly Bretthauer as the bachelorette, and your bachelors John Ford, Scott Davis, Joe Porter, John Paliferro, Jake Regal, Gil Baron, Rachel Hastings, Andre Radojcich, Ross Crain, Blake Hogue, and Ryan Hitchcock. Chuck Woolery may be sobbing right about now.