Tasty News: This is Your Chance to AirBnB in The CONAN Rafters!

That’s right, kids. Looking for a place to stay this summer? Totally dig hanging out in CONAN’s Studio 15 rafters on the Warner Brothers loft? Well, now you can combine those two desires. June 3rd two lucky people will be able to stay in the rafters of Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show. During your experience you will engage with the cheerful host, viewers will see you on their snazzy TVs and computer screens, and you’ll be entered into the annals of CONAN history (maybe). All you have to do is go to AirBnB and write a blurb about yourself plus tell the world why you want to spend a night watching Conan and Andy from on high. Hey, maybe Larry King is still up there.


Mentions: Enter to win by 11:59pm CT on 6/1/15. Do it!