Tasty News: New York’s UCB and PIT Comedians Present The MikMak Shopping App


Are you doing the MikMak? If the Fancy & Funny or Die apps spawned, you’d wind up with a very mobile MikMak baby app (don’t give your dog a bone, it could kill them!). Imagine lots of cool stuff instantly at your disposal and brought to you with a pop of humor. Millenials (and mebbe centennials), this is right up your alley. MikMak is the first mobile video shopping network available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. With the swipe of a finger you are rolling past goods like a fine gel pen (oh wait, do people still write with implements anymore?) Categories of merchandise include accessories, beauty, gadgets, home goods, jewelry, and kitchenware. During your shopping experience you can view videos by featured hosts who just happen to be the some funniest comedians NY possess. MikMak videos star comics like Anu Valia (College Humor, MTV), Josh Sharp (Vulture’s Comics You Should Know), Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman (YoungerTV, #hotmessmoves) and more. If only all ads were like these! These “minimercials” are released nightly at 9pm EST and shoppers can buy directly from the videos (and even get nifty personalized prizes). The ideal thing about MikMak is that all items are under $100. Ding! Ding! Some of the hip brands featured include Areaware, Leona Made, Lexon, Quirky, Soko, Sprout Products, etc. And if you are not already sold on the concept watch this catchy video jingle. Shop! Shop! Shop!

MikMak is telling me foodie dice actually exist? They are like a magic 8 ball for my meals, only I actually have to cook them. One day we will never have to think again. Happy shopping!

Mentions: I was not paid to say any of this. I know! If you areready to try out MikMak download it HERE.