Video Licks: Allow ‘Wannabees’ To Channel Your Innermost Desires


Did you ever just want to get out of your skin and be someone else? Well, Wannabees Marian and Aysha don’t just live vicariously through others, they straight out ensconce themselves in other career paths and life choices in an epic experimental fashion. The series is written, produced, and stars Aysha Wax and Marian Bruno. Watch as the gals live their lives as pirates, meth cooks, women with child, and nurses. Maybe the grass IS greener in season two? Nah. Enjoy!


WANNABEES Episode 1: Pirates – No one gives orders to these swash-buckling ladies (Guest starring Maureen Cheesus as Aysha’s Roommate)


WANNABEES Episode 2: Breaking Bad – The ladies break into the drug business.


WANNABEES: Episode 3: Pregnant – Uh oh, the baby trend is infectious.


WANNABEES: Episode 4: Nurses – The gals give the most noble profession a go.

Mentions: Watch for more episodes of Wannabees at the MadAtoms Channel! Don’t forget to check out SEASON ONE, kids.