Quick Dish: SLEEPAWAY CAMP Celebrates the 4th of July Tonight 6.16 in DTLA

Sleepaway Camp

Summer is already in full swing so why not celebrate early with the most spectacular Summer holiday of them all, the Fourth of July! TONIGHT (June 16) Sleepaway Camp pulls out all the stops with an indoor pool party and bbq at The Downtown Independent. Your comedic party participants include

Guy Branum
Sean Patton
Barbara Gray
Aiko Tanaka
The Bowery Boys
Matthew Goldin
And more!

Hosted by “all your Sleepaway Camp boyfriends”

Come celebrate ‘merica!

Mentions: Show 9pm. FREE! Drink craft beer, wine, cider, and soda! Eat popcorn, candy, snacks! The Downtown Independent is located at 251 S. Main St., LA.