Video Licks: Wil Wheaton Delivers An Impactful Project UROK Message

Video Licks: Wil Wheaton Delivers An Impactful Project UROK Message
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For you avid readers of Comedy Cake, you’ll remember we talked about a nonprofit organization called Project UROK (“You are OK”) that features funny, heartfelt and serious testimonials by notable adults who have struggled with mental health issues. UROK provides a comprehensive and interactive source of teen mental health resources. Their goals include de-stigmatizing mental illness, combating isolation, creating an online community and reducing teen suicide. Just knowing there are respected people who’ve shared similar experiences and have coping mechanisms to deal with their setbacks is invaluable information for youth to apply to their own mental health issues. Some of the more humorous people who have spoken up about their own mental health issues include founder Jenny Jaffe (CollegeHumor), Mike Kaplan (Conan), Aparna Nancherla (Totally Biased) and Giulia Rozzi (Girl Code). Well, we’d like to add another name to the growing list of contributors. His writing and acting have brought much joy to many around the world. He’s made yours truly chuckle heartily on many an occasion. You know him from The Big Bang Theory, The Wil Wheaton Project, Eureka, The Guild, Table Top, a certain science fiction franchise that everyone loves, and so much more. Yep, the great WIL WHEATON has created a video with UROK where he discusses his generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depression. His message may not be a total LOL fest, but it’s an important one we think folks should hear. Keep up the good work UROK!

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