Video Licks: The Dramatic “Fat Shaming” of Evan on A New ‘Talking Marriage’

Talking Marriage

Why has Talking Marriage’s host Ryan Bailey not been able to reach his goal of having on Patrick J Adams from Suits on the show as a guest? The answer is DISTRACTIONS! Not his own personal distractions, of course. Perish the thought! It’s those pesky crew distractions like Tiffany’s issues with assertiveness and, wait for it, Evan’s weight. Cringe! Yep, Ryan totally went there. But that’s not the real shocker. Watch as Days of Our Lives Galen Gering pumps up the drama in this self-improvement episode that turns the crew’s mutiny into an epic soap opera. Enjoy! (WARNING: Sweet Tiffany has a Hulk moment)

Mentions: Watch all episodes of Talking Marriage HERE! BTW, Evan looks fine. Uh oh, I’ve said too much!