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From that crazy band of Denver misfits, Sexpot Comedy, comes GLENN HAS IDEA$. What ideas does he have exactly? Well, logistics employee Glenn (played by Andy Juett), is constantly concocting hair-brained and very unapproved schemes much to his boss Rick’s (played by Andrew Orvedahl) objection. They include spending the company’s money, making unauthorized deals and even framing folks. Fun! Glenn and Rick interact with a special guest every episode. Those awesome guests you’ll be delighted by include:

Emily Heller
Rory Scovel
Sean Patton
Dan Soder
Adam Cayton-Holland
Chris Fairbanks

Are you excited yet? WE ARE!!! Three episodes per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) will start dropping on starting August 3rd. Guess what? We may have promised you one trailer, but you get a whopping TWO! Enjoy!

Glenndependence Day is Coming: 8-3-2015

GLENN HAS IDEA$ Trailer #2

Get on board the crazy train! Choo-choo!

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