Video Licks: RED BALLS is a Dodgeball Movie We Can Get Behind


In 2011 RED BALLS creators gathered a team of Chicago comedy artists to make a dodgeball mokumentary that rivals some of the genre’s best. The feature had a festival run and even got picked up for distribution. Even though it was in distribution for several years, the filmmakers didn’t see a dime. As a result, these young filmmakers have decided to bring their movie to the masses. RED BALLS has already been a cult hit, so why not make it even more accessible by bringing it to YouTube. Made on a micro-budget RED BALLS is about an underground dodgeball league participating in a winner-takes-all style tournament. The film features four of the most outrageous teams your eyes will ever see including The Henrys, The Dusty Click, The Flicks, and Wrath. The characters are completely outrageous. The storyline is compelling. RED BALLS may not be for the faint of heart, but if you are up for raw and uncompromising comedy this is the mokumentary for you. WATCH IT NOW! (WARNING: 1:28:33 in duration. Leave your PC shoes at the door. It’s satire.)

Cast includes Vince DeGaetano, Aaron Fronk, Jake Andrews, Cooper Johnson, Bernardo Lopez, Brian Morris, and
Drew Morris.

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