Video Licks: ‘Riding the D with Dr. Seeds’ is Your E-Ticket To Laughter

Sarah Seeds

Run for you lives, kids! Dr. Seeds is on the prowl. This unlicensed psychiatrist is seeking out patients the old fashioned way. Yep, she’s taking it to the streets by riding the underground. Creator Sarah Seeds offers up a character who may be a little off her rocker but sure knows how to rile up some New York citizens. Enjoy Riding the D with Dr. Seeds! (WARNING: Don’t make me explain E-tickets. These videos are a tad NSFW, but not by much.)

Riding the D with Dr. Seeds E1: Relationship Advice – Dr. Seeds spews her unsolicited thoughts (This episode stars Sarah Seeds. It features Kimberly Courts, Gianmarco Soresi, and Doryan Robinson.


Riding the D with Dr. Seeds E2: She Gon Pop – Dr. Seeds plays doula to a horrified D train traveler (This episode once again stars Sarah Seeds. The cast also includes Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand and Marcus Edghill.

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