Video Licks: The Dark Comedy Series NATASHA is Simply To Die For

Channel 101

Wednesday Addams has nothing on NATASHA. This darkly clad settler is hell bent on ending it all, but there’s just one problem – the stars are simply not aligning in her favor. What’s a gal to do? Enjoy Jason Gudasz‘ series, currently in prime time on Channel 101. The series finale will premiere at the Downtown Independent Theater on August 29th. We know you’ll just be “dying” to go. (WARNING: Dark NSFW subject matter.)

NATASHA E4: The Former Suitors

NATASHA E3: The Customer Service

NATASHA E2: The Village Therapist


Natasha stars Jason Gudasz and Emily Green.

Mentions: Would you like to see a feature version of this series? Pipe up in the comments. Obligatory “The More You Know” inspired message: Suicide is NEVER the way to go, but you already knew that. Peace.