Let’s just call this “Marriage Monday”! Our first nuptial-themed series comes from New York comedian and filmmaker Lizzy Bryce. The online series follows two roommates, Lizzy and Tim, on their angry and expedited path to marriage. The best unions are made by arrangement or pact, right? You see, Lizzy and Tim made this promise that they’d get married at age 30 if both parties were still single. That time has snuck up on them real quick. Sooooo, the roommates, who hate each other’s guts, are hell bent on keeping that oath and planning this shindig no matter what. Watch the two first episodes and cherish that single life, kids. Enjoy SHAM!

SHAM: Episode One – Lizzy and Tim announce their big news and realize that dating blows.


SHAM: Episode Two – Picking out a cake turns out to be a sample consuming frenzy.

SHAM features Lizzy Bryce, Tim Keck, Lauren Kahn, Kelley Quinn, Marshall Finch, and Moujan Zolfaghari..

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