Video Licks: “Fall Down” Laughing with The New Web Series ROUGH DAY

Video Licks: “Fall Down” Laughing with The New Web Series ROUGH DAY
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BRAD GAGE (Drunk Driving, SketchMelt) and DREW SPEARS (Cardinal Redbird, UCB Digital Writers Room) have a created a web series that is chock full of biting satire and social commentary. Oh, and it’s super funny! ROUGH DAY is about Low-Fare, a man “at the end of his flipping tether” (IT Crowd reference) who runs amok through the streets of Los Angeles in a very “Falling Down” inspired fashion. Kids, Falling Down was a 1993 movie starring Michael Douglas in which a defense worker, D-fens, also totally frustrated with society, goes on a rampage. Rough Day features the very best talent UCB, Groundlings, and College Humor have to offer, including Gage, Spears, Ronnie Adrian, Anna Akana , Megan Rosati, Lindsay Ames, and so many more! Delight in these 6 episodes that cover the many facets of LA’s culture, like vaping, the low budget film industry, and ride sharing. Enjoy! (WARNING: Adult subject matter and plaid shirts)

Rough Day: Vape Shop – Low-Fare just wants a parking spot and a cigarette.

Rough Day: No Budget Film Crew – Our taxpayer gets in the way of a web series crew

Rough Day: Blogger – Our protagonist has an unexpected entanglement with a coffeeshop hipster.

Rough Day: Ride Share – Low Fare takes a KISS RIDE.

Rough Day: YouTube Prankster – Not another one of those annoying prankster demons

Rough Day: The Meeting – Low Fare finally reaches his destination.

Mentions: Rough Day was written and produced by Brad Gage and Drew Spears; directed, shot and edited by Eric Lombart; and executive produced by YouTube sensation Anna Akana.

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