Tasty News: “Felines of New York” Book Event 11.22 at Littlefield in Brooklyn

Let’s just say, here at Comedy Cake we are obsessed with two things, tasty treats and CATS! Heck, what would life on the Internet even be like without cats? How would the WORLD exist without cats? Why isn’t there a cat popping up out of your screen RIGHT NOW?! OK, remind me to lay off the cat nip. Kids and cat lovers, Felines of New York takes your catty sensibilities to new heights. The book is a comedic and photographic journal written and shot by NYC comedian JIM TEWS (The Undone Sweaters, Last Comic Standing, Louie). It takes a cat eyed look at the imagined personalities of cats in the New York City area in the style of Humans of New York. And they look purrrfect! Tews has photographed over 200 cats to date, many of whom have been featured on social media and the pages of the print version of the comedian’s project. For cat lovers in NY, on Sunday, November 22nd do attend the book event at Littlefield which includes felined-related guests, subjects, and emecee Jim Tews. The featured guests include

Todd Hansen (The Onion creator, Squidbillies)
Maeve Higgins (Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne & New Zeland Comedy Festivals)
Doogie Horner (America’s Got Talent, Ministry of Secret Jokes)
Mrs. Smith (America’s Got Talent)
Team Submarine (Just for Laughs, NPR, UCB Theatre, The iO Theatre)


The official book release is Tuesday, November 24th! Be clever and get a signed copy for the holidays before the release date! Kitties love pressies!

Mentions: Doors 8pm. Show 8:30pm. Buy Felines of NY Book Release Event tix HERE. Littlefield is located at 622 Degraw, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Pre-Order the book in these formats: iBooks, Amazon, B&N BAM, Indiebound, Kobo & Kindle.