Quick Dish: TONIGHT 2.9 Get Turnt Up! with Eliza Skinner at UCB Franklin


Got a case a of the Tuesdays? Well, get over it! There’s a mad rap battle waiting to entertain you TONIGHT at UCB Franklin. Join your host Eliza Skinner as she presents your favorite comedy performers testing their one-on-one rap skills with freestyle elegance. The competitors include

Nate Craig (Ridiculousness)
David Gborie (Flophouse)
Chaz Kangas (Spit-take Comedy)
Charlie Kesslering (The Late Late Show)
Natalie Palamides (Powerpuff Girls)
Angela Trimbur (The Final Girls)

with beats by Joshua Silverstein

The audience decides the winner by applause and the end of each round. Only one champion will be crowned. Let the battle begin!

Mentions: Show 11pm. Buy Turnt Up! tix HERE. UCB Franklin is located at 5919 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles.