Quick Dish: ‘Your Mom Says Hi’ with CARLIE AND DONI at UCB Franklin TOMORROW

UCB Franklin

The power comedy duo of Carlie Mantilla and Doni Carley are ready to take UCB Franklin by storm this Thursday, March 31st. Gifted in the fields of comedy and music, Carlie + Doni have already brought their one hour show to clubs and universities all over this great nation. TOMORROW they bring their positive energy to you, which includes lesbian breakup and camel toe stories. These BFFs are L.A. based, but they’ve both spent time in Idaho, yes, Idaho. These soul sisters have escalated up the comedy ranks and have spent time headlining at places like The Improv and The Comedy Store. Let them wow you with talent. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s a taste:

Hanging with Lily Tomlin and Richard Lewis in “Gangsta Waitress” (Click image to view)


Carlie & Doni on a Billboard


Grabbing Lunch with Carlie and Doni

Mentions: Show 7pm. Buy Carlie + Doni tix HERE. UCB Franklin is located at 5919 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles.