Tasty News: Learn About Comedy Film Nerd CHRIS MANCINI’s Kickstarter Graphic Novel

Chris Mancini

Ever wonder what happened to the kids in stories like Narnia, Wonderland, Oz and Where the Wild Things Are? Author/filmmaker/comedian/podcaster CHRIS MANCINI did and has turned his idea into a wonderful graphic novel called Long Ago and Far Away. The story revolves around a child named Jason who saves the kingdom of Elvenwood from an evil Witch-Queen. After his heroic deeds, Jason settles into ordinary life and becomes a depressed 30-year old with a dead end job running a comic book store. When Elvenwood asks for Jason’s help he must decide if he will be a hero again or the jerk he’s become. Sounds awesome, yes?! Now this fantasy meets comedy tale needs an audience! Chris, co-host of Comedy Film Nerds, is no stranger to Kickstarter ventures. He’s already successfully launched projects like the Los Angeles Podcast Festival (in it’s fifth year) and the EarBuds podcast documentary via this medium. The graphic novel, in it’s entirety, could soon be in your hot little hands via the power of this crowd funding venture. Money raised will go to pay the artist, Fernando Pinto, the publishing and shipping of the book. Score yourself some rewards and get happy now!

Mentions: Learn more about the Kickstarter and donate HERE.