Video Licks: Some Curious Teens Find Out What Girls Do Alone

Put yourself in the mind of a concupiscent, heterosexual male teenager for a moment. (Yeah, I totally just made you look up that C word on Google.) OK, get back in that kid’s mind and think about the one thing you’d probably fantasize about 24/7. Video games? OMG, stopping thinking about Metal Gear Solid already! NO, you’d want a peek at the female form, dummy. Watch as two teens not only view a female in her true state of being, but learn a valuable lesson too… maybe. Enjoy Peeping Teens! (WARNING: Mildly unsafe for work and aren’t you glad you finally know what girls do when they’re alone. You’re welcome!)

This video was brought to you by SHANNON BROWN and stars McBAIN’s Shaan Baig, Greg Giebel, and Brown.

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