Video Licks: The Lonely Island Play “I’m On A Boat” Kiddie Style on THE TONIGHT SHOW

The Tonight Show

I wish I was on a boat just about now, just not a Fear The Walking Dead one. But enough about my weakened physical state, The Lonely Island teamed up with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on THE TONIGHT SHOW to play their amazing rap parody single, I’m On A Boat. It wasn’t just any rendition though, this time classroom instruments were involved. Boy, do we miss those SNL Digital Shorts. Enjoy!

This video features Andy Samberg on rubber duckie shaker & flip-flops, Jimmy Fallon on wood block, bass drum, Casio keyboard & kazoo, Akiva on dolphin, Jorma on triangle, Questlove on hand clappers, Kamal Gray on xylophone, James Poyser on melodica, Captain Kirk on ukulele, Tuba Gooding Jr. on kazoo & banana shaker, Mark Kelley on kazoo, Frank Knuckles on bongos and Black Thought on tambourine & mermaid.

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