Quick Dish: You Need REPENTANCE! In Your Life TOMORROW 5.19 at UCB Franklin


Feeling shi**y about how you’ve lived your life thus far? Well, be inspired to commit yourself to personal change by watching comedians take that step first. TOMORROW, May 19th at UCB Franklin be one with REPENTANCE! Ahamed Weinberg and Ramy Youssef host their favorite stand-up comedians for an opportunity to unleash sets “full of regrets, doubts and belief.” Those contrite about their actions will include

Jerrod Carmichael
Ali Wong
The Lucas Brothers
Jay Weingarten
Kate Willett
Kyle Mizono

“No judgements, only healing.” – some dude.

Mentions: Show 8pm. Only $5! UCB Franklin is located at 5919 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028. Poster designed by Kittaya Treseangrat and Bryan Wolfson.