Video Licks: JIM GAFFIGAN Takes A Stand Against The Nickelback Haters on CONAN


If you are not watching The Jim Gaffigan Show yet, do yourself a favor and start DVR’g it stat! On a recent episode called The Trial Jim is forced to deal with an unforgiving PC culture when one innocent tweet (a real life one) turns into a damning assault on the comedian’s character. In the episode there is a scene where several celebrities, including Gilbert Gottfried, Carrot Top and the band Nickleback, are jailed with Gaffigan in the Court of Public Opinion. Of course, CONAN O’Brien had to address the appearance of the much reviled band on Gaffigan’s sitcom. Gaffigan pointed out how pleasant the band was to work with and how our outrage culture can instantly demonize individuals for seemly innocuous acts. Enjoy!

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