Quick Dish: Ride with PONY SPAM 9.1 at Lyric Hyperion

Pony Spam

Bored of the same old saccharine LA comedy show? Ready for some kick you in the laughter center sort of entertainment? Then get ready for PONY SPAM! Hosts Tony Sam and Sam Severns bring you a comedy variety show like no other. Not only will you enjoy top notch stand-up but you’ll experience puppetry, music, and MORE! Pushing all your precariously placed laugh buttons will be these fine performers:

Dana Gould
Andres Du Bouchet
Matt McCarthy
Phoebe Bottoms
Sean Keane
Jared Ramirez

Yep, that’s no list to wince at. This is the real deal! This is PONY SAM!


Mentions: Show 8pm. Tix $5. Lyric Hyperion Theatre & Cafe is located at 2106 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles.