Video Licks: Comedian RON BABCOCK Wants To Sell You His Car

Ron Babcock

What’s a comedian to do when he/she needs to unload a former prized possession for cash money? Make a kick-ass commercial that rivals even the best automotive manufacturers in the world. That’s what! This is no ordinary vehicle you have the chance of taking off L.A. comedian RON BABCOCK’S (Adam Devine’s House Party, Last Comic Standing) hands. This is the 1999 Honda CRV, complete with build-in ice cooler and camping-ready folding table. That’s right, you can snag this cool ditty for the drop dead price of $1,800. BUY IT, kids! (WARNING: You may be able to clone another Ron with the DNA you find in this vehicle. Don’t hold me to that.)

Mentions: Check the YouTube video deets on how to be the new owner of sweet ride. Check out Ron’s comedy sched HERE.