Video Licks: The Arcade Fire late-night special. Truth or Fantasy?

I’m sure you all caught Tiny Fey hosting the season premiere of the 49th season of Saturday Night Live this past weekend. BUT did you catch the musical guest’s special after hours airing of tracks from their new album Reflektor, complete with bizarre comical cameos and oversized bobblehead masks? Oh, you were too coked out by then? Well, the Roman Coppola-directed 22-min Arcade Fire concert complete with bonus celebrity muscle was a bizarre delight. Interspersed between the tracks “Here Comes The Night,” “We Exist,” and “Normal Person” celebs like Bill Hader, Zach Galifianakis and James Franco provided brief escapes away from the Salsatheque’s musical dream state. The exchanges between “bartenders” Michael Cera and Carlos in Spanish was simply priceless.

Cera: “Carlos, give me Shakira every day of the week before this noise”
Carlos: “No, I actually think they’re good, like Mumford and Sons.
Cera: “Please Carlos, they dream about being Mumford and Sons. Why do you like emtional music?!”

Cera: “Hey Carlos, we need more tiny bananas again.”
Carlos: “What’s up?”
Cera: “How can you listen to this, for real?!”
Carlos: I like this band.”
Cera: “Carlos, don’t be crazy. Why dont’ we have Michael Buble or someone else here? when he’s the great great banana of the moment and we’re listening to these tiny bananas…really.”

Cera: “The tiny bananas are finally finished, Carlos.”

Check out the special in its entirety below.

Mentions: The answer to the question posed in the headline is “I’m still not sure.” Buy Reflektor here if you dare.