Video Licks: Friendships Are Questioned in The Latest Sketch From LESTARIL


Let’s face it, Facebook houses a healthy portion of comedic brilliance just waiting to be consumed. Minneapolis based sketch comedy troupe LESTARIL is one of those homegrown gems that requires your utmost attention. The group’s latest sketch is a great example of the delicious comedy you’ve been missing. In the sketch we find a friendship in danger when it’s discovered there may be a hidden relationship in the mix. What you don’t expect will have you laughing the hardest. Enjoy!

LESTARIL: Mike Replaces Rob

This week Mike finds a new best friend!

Lesteril was created by Mike Lester, Robert Baril, and Kalid Hussein. This sketch was written by Lester & Collyard. It stars Ali Sultan, Robert Baril, and Mike Lester.

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