Video Licks: Those Obnoxious Bumper Stickers Get Their Very Own Sketch

Funny Or Die

Bumper stickers, window clings, etcetera, they all make a statement, whether you like it or not. Yes, we now know you have 10 kids and one of them received an amazing award and you love NIRVANA and you’re against terrorism… wait… isn’t everyone against that? Watch as one SUV owner make his opinion clearly known. Enjoy F**k Terrorism, starring Ron Babcock and Emily Maya Mills! (WARNING: Some NSFW bits. Also, SUVs are quite practical in the real world.)

This sketch was directed by Whitey McConnaughy.

Mentions: Get a case of the sillies with more content from Ron Babcock. Also, Emily Maya Mills is “Serious Actor/Seriouser Comedian.”